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That Night

February 14, 2012
Brim369 SILVER,
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On that night,
It had all felt so right,
But now it’s clear to see,
We just aren’t meant to be.

You strung me along,
And made me feel like I belonged,
But it was all just a lie,
Now all I can do is sit back and cry.

I wish we still had what we did before,
And how you made me feel so safe to the core.
The long nights that we spent together,
I now wish they had lasted forever.
I miss the touch of your arm,
And you gentle kiss that awoke me like an alarm.
Your warm fingers wrapped around mine,
And I could feel that everything was just fine.
The song lyrics that reminded me of you,
Now I want to stomp on them with my shoe.

To see the world was our plan,
But now you would much rather do a meet-and-great with a fan.
I know about the drug deals,
And I’ve sat through the endless healthy meals.
The sacred jersey that I so often washed,
Now I would much rather throw it to some high school jocks.
I sat through the countless press meetings,
And I even lied about my feelings.
Your face always on the cover of some sport magazine,
And you are running on that new bike machine.
We could now longer go out for a nice dinner,
Because cameras would follow and the headline would read “she is looking much thinner”.
There were no more spontaneous gifts delivered personally by you,
Now the note always read “never forget you already said I DO”!

I miss the way your face use to smile,
Now your frown stretches for almost a mile.
The fun energy that you use to contain,
Is now concealed by that night’s game pain.
The muscular arms that through the ball so far,
Are now concerned with getting hit by a car.
The crazy fans always scream your name,
I so wish you had less fame.

I love you still,
And I always will,
But please just remember,

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