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February 21, 2012
By soppie626 SILVER, Oshawa, Other
soppie626 SILVER, Oshawa, Other
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The halls grow taller.
The voices in her mind,
create a wind tunnel of buzzing,
of bickering,
of biting.
Where are they now?
Gone and left you,
Dropped you off and never looked back.
‘it’s your future,’ they said
‘just don’t disappoint,’ they said.
You made all the plans.
All you wanted was to leave.
Be gone.
Out of there.
Away from the stony silence,
the cold glares,
the never ending parade of pressures,
flying like arrows,
from everywhere at once,
at random.
No time to lift the shield,
you had to make alone.
A force field of energy,
weakened by insult,
and punishment,
and someone else’s pride.
A force field penetrated,
by a feather.
The weight of a thousand men,
landing on one shoulder.
Brings you down,
and brings you back up,
only to start all over.
Time and time again.
Until instead of pulling you down them self,
they leave you on the doorstep,
of a place you wish you knew,
in the care of people,
who don’t want to know you.
Who would push you down,
and wait,
as you struggle to get up.

The author's comments:
I'm scared to go to university...

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