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One Last Time

February 10, 2012
By hijkmichelle SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
hijkmichelle SILVER, Zanesville, Ohio
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I looked at you on last time
Took you one last time
This was the last time
I can't play the game
I can't play with pain
I know I've done it before
I've gotten older
I've gotten smart
I'm not going to play again
I won't allow myself to get hurt
So I'll close down
Hide the me I have left
Theirs not much
But just enough
I know what to do
And I'm doing it
I wont fall again
Just to be hurt once more
Oh and don't think you hurt me
I blocked that out
I knew it was coming
I let you go
Just before you said
I could come back in
I let go just before that
Why I'll never know
But I came back
One last time
Just to see if I was right
One last time
Thats all I wanted
No longer needing you
Could I even say love?
I will never know
How could I
Have just let you go
No care in the world
No pain
No regerets
One last time
I got what I wanted
That last time
Made me let you go
Because I saw
It was still the same
there would always be another turn
Another time we could try
But that was the last time
Theres no trying again
One last time
Has past us by

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