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Pierce my heart

February 20, 2012
By KateLA GOLD, Everett, Washington
KateLA GOLD, Everett, Washington
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I love you,
With every burning piece of me, torn to shreds
I love you,
These things that make me what I am
I am torn without you-without you,
Leaving me scarred and breathless
I feel myself burning inside
So deceivingly close to one that is so far away
This is not merely desire
Because even with every bit of numbness I have been reduced to
I love you still
Somehow through this burning heart,
Through my numb feelings
These pieces of me pierce my heart, still
And I know my love is here
So I will keep piercing my own heart
With your smiles and memory
And with every painful jolt,
I will know my love for you is still here

This memory of you shall keep piercing
Until I am gratefully set free

The author's comments:
Every poem I write usually tells a story. I will analyze it for you, and let you know what was in my head at the time I wrote this. This poem is about a young woman who is hurting inside, but is declaring she is still able to love. That even though she is separated from her true love-whether he is a soldier in a war, in two feuding families, or if they're a prince and princess torn apart, etc; even though these possible issues tear her apart, she still loves him and is able to love. It also implies that even though she is torn apart by this whole situation, the fact that she still feels the piercing of her heart means she knows she can still love, and is still in love, therefore she will continue to pierce her own heart with memories of him, and when it causes pain she knows she still loves him. It also implies that her heart will be pierced with literal pain until it can take no more, and that she will then die and be grateful to be set free from the pain.

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