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I wish...

March 8, 2012
By Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
Baby.Boo PLATINUM, Casper, Wyoming
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I wish

He smiles as I look into his beautiful blue eyes
And I see 
Him looking back at me
I run my hand across his back
Heart raging like a heart attack
I wish I could stay this way forever
That we could always be together
I kiss his neck, he kisses mine
Loving him till the end of time
A kiss on my lips and in his arms I will stay
Why can't life always be this way
My head on his chest I feel so safe and free
With his strong arms around me
No one can know of us being together
Not now not ever
So for a lot of things I will wish 
But the most amazing is his kiss
Wish he could stay but I know he must go
Hopefully he will be back tomorrow 
So close yet so far away
I wish....I just wish
Our relationship didn't have to be like this
Not hidden or sneaky
And in front of everyone in his arms would stay
Our minds might wonder but our hearts will not stray
I wish and wish I just wish for the touch of his lips
His kiss

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