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February 21, 2012
By JulianneV GOLD, Shamong, New Jersey
JulianneV GOLD, Shamong, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
Be the change you want to see in the world. ~ Gandhi

My Grandma once said,
Life nowadays goes too fast
When I was your age
We stopped
And observed

Observed little things like
The fairies in the garden
Catching butterflies
On their tongues

When I was even younger,
We would wait
‘Till it rained
To wash our hair
We were too busy observing
To wash it

I ask, how could you be too busy to

Wash your hair?
Child you spend too much
Time thinkin’ “correct”
You need to think
Unimaginable thoughts

Like what
Breathe in the dust
That comes off stars
That shoot across the sky
And you’ll know.

That’s impossible

Grandma you’re

Tellin’ me tales
I’m tellin’ you
If you breathe in
Star dust the
World opens up
And you see
Garden gnomes
Brush their teeth
With axes
Foxes bein’ carried
In berry boxes

None of that is possible
You’re too logical
If you don’t wanna breathe
In the star dust
Then shrink to
The size of a pea.
Eat your hat and
You’ll see
It helps.

I do and


She was


The world

Is wonder
The moral of the story: listen to your grandma when she tells you things like this.

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