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The Pros and Cons

March 29, 2012
By Pokelona SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
Pokelona SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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I work so hard with little conpensation
I try to stay away, but there is only confrontation
I try to be good but there is only consequences
You promise good, but with so many conditions
You push me so hard, I have to confess
My life could be worse than the rest.

I try to provide
I try to be professional
I try to progress
But you are so prohibitive.
I try to be productive
I try to Prolong my happiness
But you alone keep me from this

You conceal me, You hide me from the light
You control me, as if it were your delight
You contribute, to put me into darkness,
You never conclude, you go on and on and on

I am providing, but you just push it away,
I am professional, but you treat me not.
I am productive, but you stop me in my tracks
I try to get promoted, but you put me down
I try to be prompt, but you look away
I try to propel, but my heart do you swell.

There are so many pros and cons to life
With each action their can be cares or strife
With each passing day I must remember
That the sun will rise.

Stop putting more cons into my life
Put some pros in there to keep me alive
Keep me happy.

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