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Those Eyes I Once Knew

April 2, 2012
By Miranda_K. BRONZE, Donora, Pennsylvania
Miranda_K. BRONZE, Donora, Pennsylvania
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~ Edward E. Hale

The eyes I once knew
Belonging to you
As did my heart
Until you ripped it apart
I gave you everything I could
More than I should

Those eyes I once knew
Looking me straight through
Never at me
Why couldn’t I see
Your loving embrace
Was just a phase
Looking past me
You’re all I see

Those eyes I once knew
Never had a clue
I thought you were mine
It was a matter of time
Now she’s in your arms
Falling for your charms
I’m your past
Why couldn’t it last

Those eyes I once knew
Now she can see you
For the cheat that you are
How well you hid your scars
A cold hearted fiend
Lost in a dream
Now you’re too late
Accept your fate
Looking past all the lies
Into those eyes
Those eyes I once knew

The author's comments:
I wanted to write something dedicated to the past loves that have left me broken.

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