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As The Ice Melts

April 4, 2012
By UnspokenWords21 SILVER, Shelbyville, Illinois
UnspokenWords21 SILVER, Shelbyville, Illinois
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Giving up doesn't mean you're means you are strong enough to let go...

Weighed down by frozen touch
Heavy with the burden it bears
Encased by the inescapable cold
Eyes unseeing to how it fares

Wildly searching for tender-loving warmth
The tinkling of the ice rings throughout the night
Bouncing off of frozen crystal
Pointless in its impossible plight

Plunging sensations come with the stars
Numbing the senses with edges dull
Forced to suffer with lethargic gestures
Helpless thoughts linger passively within its skull

Hours of endless anticipating drag by slow
Until glimmers of orange poke up their soporific heads
Glowing warmth floods the eyes of ice
The cold falls away as the passionate sunlight spreads

Liquid ice flows in rivulets upon its own body
Dropping down the faraway ground
The branches rejoice as the cold falls away
The leaves revel in exhilarating, exulting sound.

The author's comments:
This has more meaning than frozen tree limbs...think it through.

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