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Alone and Afraid

April 25, 2012
By Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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Alone and afraid
She thinks she's insane
I have to worm my way
Inside her brain
Her deadly thoughts
Must be brought
To their end
She is dark as night
as she goes through this plight
Her soul surrendered
To who I must dismember
Her pain washes over
Me in crushing waves
I must help her to
Defeat what may lead to her grave
She lives in fear
Of what I cannot hear
For she hides from me
The things I must need
To help her get through
This painful disease
Our lives intertwined
With love of a special kind
Without her I fear
I would hold nothing dear
For she is my love
And I cannot move on
Her death to me
Would destroy all I breath
For her life is mine
And my life is hers
My heart she now keeps
To with as she pleases
She makes me happy
Yet somehow she can't see
How much she means to me
I love her more
Than anything before
With every passing day
My love for her rises
Yet I'm afraid to say
She cannot realize
That she will always be mine
Her mind is reeling
From all of her feelings
She cries at night
So she can feel alright
She wants to be
Set free from her life
But she Fears for me
And the things it would bring
If she disappeared from my life
The coldness would then wash
Over me and send
My feelings in a
terrible reeling
So numb am I
To see her soul pass by
Gone from me
Or so I see
The memories of her
Still haunt my vision
Her ghost in my house
Reminds me of how
She would whisper to me
"I love you so much"
I cry on my bed
With feelings of dread
How could she do this to me?
Death is the only
Way I shall see
My beautiful angel again
Without her life is so dull
Everything has slowed to a crawl
Her warm embrace
I shall never again feel
Against my body
I try and I try
To talk to somebody
But the memories surface
And destroy my sanity
I carve out her name
In the flesh that I maim
So that I don't
Forget her impact on my
Life that was so dark before
And is darker now that
She has gone from me
And left me to be
Alone and afraid
Of living the next day.

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