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Together Forever

April 25, 2012
By Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
Morgoroth SILVER, Fort Myers, Florida
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Together forever
Through the darkest of days
I wander endlessly through
This maze
Of despair and sadness
It will certainly end in madness
She can't see
What I find in her
She is my light
In this darkened night
Yet she thinks
She is a burden
Upon me and her friends
She makes me feel
Happier than any
Other guy in this cruel life
Her smile lights up
The room as she
Looks into my eyes
Her eyes so dark
Like pools of beautiful brown
Drown me in their hidden meanings
Her beauty surpasses
That of the masses
She has a heart
That is mine
Yet she tries to deny
She thinks that I
Am not happy with her
But if she only knew
My feelings for her
Then would her ideas change?
She means to me
So much more than any other thing
She leads me down
A spiral of sadness
As I watch her try to fight
Her own internal plights
I cry sometimes
When I think she might
End her life
I think I may be sick
I can't seem to understand
How she can't see
That she means everything
To me
I'll never forget
How she pushed me away
Yet in the end
I pulled her out
Of her deadly spiral
She is my addiction
And I can't get enough
Her smell of lavender and spice
Intoxicates me to
Such high levels
She looks like a goddess
Her voice soothes me
I hope and I pray
That we will be
Together forever
Through the darkest of days.

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