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Shattered Flares

May 5, 2012
By Artistic_whirlwind BRONZE, Tuwila, Washington
Artistic_whirlwind BRONZE, Tuwila, Washington
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"An artist is a person who can look at something, see what no one else can see, and make it plain to everyone their discovery."~unknown

I want to watch the world burn
watch it go up in a plinth,
a pedestal of poorly arranged pixels,
squares of color that
blur and swim in glassy tanks full,
brimming,dead fish and water
stagnated from the last time we drank
with our cherry-stained lips
and our rims clinked together,
smeared, pockmarked with shrapnel,
the debris of silver bullets
that cut through gates of iron and plastics
where behind the interlaced
secretion of hidden muscles,
I will watch as it flares,
as the f***ing world burns.

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