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May 22, 2012
By Brooke526 GOLD, Republic, Missouri
Brooke526 GOLD, Republic, Missouri
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Frozen. Like nothing can change you,nothing can make you budge. Frozen in time not caring about anything or anyoen. Not letting your emotions control you. Ignoring everyone around you like nothin exist. Letting the bad hit you but not effect you while letting the good soak in your skin. Nothing causes you to move away from your goal,you stay frozen and let the good things in life help you keep going. you're physically in motion but mentally frozen in time. Keeping your mind on more important things. You don't have to worry about anyone else, just yourselfand what your goals are. Acting like you care about things when really you don't care at all. You keep everything to yourself and you never tell anyone when something is wrong and why. Being frozen makes everyday painful even though you are blocking everyone out like they never existed. That is the point of being frozen, not having to deal with the pain of being abandoned or abused. Being alone brings back all the horrible memories and makes it difficult to forget everything they did to you. This is what makes it hard to be frozen. Having to avoid everyone and everything that can somehow bring up a hidden emotions that you didnt want to share. So is it okay to stay frozen or will is slowly kill you from the inside out?

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This explains why some stay silent.

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