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Believers and Rejected

May 28, 2012
By Mackayla SILVER, Ft Collins, Colorado
Mackayla SILVER, Ft Collins, Colorado
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Deaf ears have listened their last

blind eyes now dejected

shattered windows of a broken dream

fall around the believers and rejected

Secrets wispered to a mute

A call to arms to never tell

many lying words to change a mind

clock ticking. floating bells

alone never, these eyes observed

the whites have redenned around the green

black enclosing all but no color

always watching be never seen

Pupils that catch the darkest shadow

endless holes filled with the deapest deception

lightest words carry the heaviest lies

to the believers and rejected

A non-believer may have questioned

A question maker could not have guessed

the pons were pushed the deck was layed

An honest man has conned his best

No man was never not so scared

Yellow skin with no good lips of red

time never moved as the hands passed

once alive till their dead

floating bells that call the guards

to the time keepers that have not kept it

silent signals that bring a final end

to the believers and regected

the mouth escaped the secret

a silent lie that cant be kept

their eyes must of had pride in decieving

a calming dream that cant be slept

The minds have played their tricks

upside flipped the world around

never to hurt a single soul

quietly distorting every sound

the wet dry their eyes, men follow the line

to the pit the world has collected

of the so ignorant and the childish

of us believers and rejected

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