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Death by Archipelago

June 29, 2012
By TheOcherousRodentia PLATINUM, Toronto, Other
TheOcherousRodentia PLATINUM, Toronto, Other
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"Life is infinitely growing;
It's capacity of love and fear is impossible
To calculate by the means of math, or
The properties of science, and to conatain
Its ferious unpredictability is only a virtue
That humans despire

The crash of the breaking surf
It was as if God had fallen off the wave as well
The waters cold as ever

Wading in the shallows with the surf
Amongst the archipelago
A mist: its tentacles reached ever closer to the shore
Shores sown carelessly by a goddess of the deep

Salt-stained stone shores hugging the waters
Thrusting cedars and hemlocks to the sky
The tumbling steam made its way around me
Icy waters flowed over his shoes

My last ice cool breath joined the steam
The brine seaweed; rubbery
Amid a myriad of barnacles
Hovered a torso

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