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read it......

July 9, 2012
By werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
werebringingLIFE GOLD, Atlantic City, New Jersey
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" my heart is to small so please, dont break it "

look at me
what do you see
a girl a woman or a toy

look at me
feel me.....
do you feel my warmth?

and you take me for granted
and you push me to the side
do you care for my feelings
or are you just acting blind

to me, your wonderful
to me, your my life
and now im here with you again
but im feeling numb inside
to me, your my want
to me your my need..
but only problem is, i havent admitted to you yet................

The author's comments:
this is a mystery piece..... i dont know where i got the urge to right it but i do know that it means something...... something BIG.... more than what was written....

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