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"Wounds Of Fire"

July 17, 2012
By Kavon SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kavon SILVER, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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This masculine massive fire tied
the knot with this fragile feminine land and
gave birth to CHAOS!, that came out the
wounds of lamenting people's pupils, watching
there homes become engulfed,
after the unmeasurable arms of the blaze became
engaged to the unscorched Earth's claustrophobia,
scared of tight spaces, it started to spread,
hungry for civilized standing dry wall, wood
and metal on the outskirts of mountains, those

skirts turquoise dresses and hanging drapery of black
brooks, connected to the flow of springs,
eventually torched, dying black in a heap of smoky
singes and hinges of persistent naturally preserved
trees, broken easily like rusty chains to the 500 pound
force of a machete, that freed a beast named Greedius,
who's a dear companion to this masculine fire,
they both meet in a circular awe of rage, fueled by an
unreasonable motive, and licks the legs of this feminine
land, as the people can hear her screaming,
....yelling for help from the hoses of those uniformed
men and sand dropping helicopters to heal her wounds,
to make them stop bleeding....fire, she shakes
as one of her cheeks drops into her hand and is
vaporized, ashes to ashes,
but even though her face is shrouded in an ugly hissing
smoke, her face is still beautiful, her name is Colorado-

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