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I Speak Through Poetry

July 26, 2012
By RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
RadioShower PLATINUM, Rio Rancho, New Mexico
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Emo is imaginary - Gerard Way
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I speak through poetry
It is its one of the few times
I truly express my emotions
I don’t want to tell you how I’m feeling
So don’t ask me
I’ll just shrug and say
I’m okay
It doesn’t matter if
I’m on the verge of falling apart or
The happiest person that ever lived
I’ll still simply give you okay

I’m not a talker so
Verbal words don’t come too easy
Staying silent until
I press pencil to paper
Then there’s no stopping me
The flow of words spilling out
From my brain where the spark originates
To my heart where it’s filled with passion
To my hand that holds the wood caged lead
That scribbles it all down
Then and only then
Will I shout out the truths that
I have locked behind hushed lips

I’m a poet
Crafting the English language is my job
I twist words and construct sentences
Building the foundation of my thoughts
I want you to understand
So it will be more powerful then
Simply saying
I’m okay
Normal conversations never did anything for me
They are not perfected enough
Can’t be honest

So I take my time
Think over what I want to say
What’s the point of
Spitting out half assed comments
About the weather or
How your teacher’s a b****?
Instead I will scribe out my thoughts on paper
And present them to you with a lyrical aspect
My words are too important to be
Thrown around do carelessly
In day to day life
I don’t want to lie
Don’t want to confuse the mind
Any more then I have to
It’s enough just to say
I’m okay for now
I’ll create the masterpiece later

We get into arguments
I can’t say I’m sorry to your face
Can’t talk to you out loud
My words don’t do my heart justice
I can’t carefully place them in the order I want them
To get my point across without
You interrupting me to tell me I’m wrong
So instead I’ll write it out for you
I’ll talk through paper
You can take your time to read it
Digest every word
You’ll understand then

I’m not good at conveying
My imagination with my tongue
So give me a pen and paper
If you want you really want to hear my voice
Ask me to write a poem.

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