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August 26, 2012
By Thatdaydreamer GOLD, Peterborough, Other
Thatdaydreamer GOLD, Peterborough, Other
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Favorite Quote:
“You can make anything by writing.”
― C.S. Lewis

Window flung open wide,
Glassy gateway to the outside,
Stuffy indoor air and chilled outside breeze,
Dancing in the vacuum of open space with ease,
Elbows knocking on the windowsill,
Eyes drinking in every house and hill,
Goose pimples on skin where the raindrops splatter,
Little bullets of cloud and moisture and matter,
Short trees, tall trees, pale, spindly or thick,
Leaves of dappled green and yellow, the seasons clever trick,
Whispers of bitter wind, rustles of the birds,

Din of church bells and cars, the earth's spoken words,
Milky gray of the sky, palest blanket of fog,
But this is nature's sweet curl of mist, not pollutions dirty smog,
Rolling scenery of town stretched out beneath the fading sun,
Creeping into twilight but the day is not yet done,
Pinpricks of light from homes, from bulb and lamp and screen,
Bright against the hushed greens and blues of the stormy evening scene,
Bare heels scuff against the carpet, gusts tangling in hair,
Legs in, shoulders out, face upturned to taste the air,
Look out at all the things that live and know there's even more,
Billions of beings that move and think just a step outside the door,
Feel the web of life, those ribbons that tie it all together,
Feel it tug at fingertips, lighter than a feather,
Hear the woosh of breath between those lungs, the thundering of a heart,
With every tha-thump and with every blink, a person plays their part,
Think of strangers each so different in offices, schools, prisons, slums or bars,
Think of everyone all the same under the same sun, moon and stars,
Leaning out the window, trying to find the words to say,
Of the perfection and the paradise down here that is lived in every day,
There is hate, there is hurt, there is pain and disaster,
But there is love; there is color, music and laughter,
Feel it ebb away beneath the skin,
The pulse of every stranger, enemy and kin,
And so a pledge should be made, to always care and always thrive,
Because anyone can have a pulse, but it's so important to feel alive.

The author's comments:
Wrote this one to get over a bout of writers block, so sorry if it's not that well written!

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