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Txt Mssges

September 16, 2012
By ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
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I said ‘I feel bad’
You said, ‘Why? What’s wrong?’

I said, ‘I’m ugly’
You said, ‘no, you’re not’

I said, ‘sorry I’m just being me.’
You said, ‘it’s okay. That’s all that you need to be! :D’

You said, ‘I’m upset’
I said, ‘tell me about it’

You said, ‘I’m too ME’
I said, ‘yeah, me too :/’

You said, ‘life’s not fair ;(‘
I said, ‘that’s why I’m here :)’

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem thinking of text messages between me and my favorite cousin. We can always rely on each other to make the other smile. :)

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