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September 16, 2012
By ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
ToPonJah DIAMOND, San Diego, California
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He said, “I’ll buy you a diamond ring!” She said, “What would I do with that {old} thing?” A stranger said, “Would you gladly buy me some bling?!”

He said, “I would die for you! I would!” She said, “I wouldn’t care if you did or could.” A stranger said, “How awful nice of you! You should!”

He said, “ I love you!” She said, “So what?” a passerby said, “You two could be blood.”

He said, ”I’d give [up] anything for you…” she said, “That’s a lame thing to do…” a stranger said, “I’d take anything from you!”

He said, “I want you in my life.” She said, “As a husband or a wife?” a passerby said, “You two make me want to cry…”

He said, “I can’t live without you…” she said, “I could…but about you.” A passerby noted, “that sounds like its quoted!”

He said, “please, don’t go!” she said, “oh, but I must!” a stranger said, “Go on girl!” and to the boy, “its me you can trust!”

Then as the girl went, it was the stranger the boy began to trust, said the stranger, “most fairy tales will all turn to dust.”

The boy quite bewildered said, “They must???”
Said the stranger to the boy, “yes, my child. But worry not— for you have not been left to rot.”

And the boy looked up with his heart in a knot, and gasped a small breath— I ask of your forgiveness now for I cannot tell the rest.

But as for the girl, well her life turned out swell!
She married and carried nine children and then—she went off to her grave at age one-hundred-and-ten!

The author's comments:
I'm not sure what inspired me exactly, but I wanted to tell the story of a soul struggling to be loved and being denied no matter how hard they tried. I'd like for people to realize what true love really is. Who would you be in this scenario?

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