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Breaking Silence

September 17, 2012
By livingdeadgirl1995 SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
livingdeadgirl1995 SILVER, Newport News, Virginia
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Favorite Quote:
No matter what language we speak, we all smile in the same language. :)

All these years
I tried to be perfect
I wanted to be skinny
Tall and beautiful
All I did
Was messed up my life

I was in a dark place
That I've been in
For quite sometime
I wanted to fit in
With the crowd

I used to think negative thoughts
And hide my struggles
With a smile

I wore bracelets
Upon my wrists
To keep my scars covered
So no one would see them

One time
I cut too deep
And my mother saw
She took me to rehab
There I found out
I was bipolar

I say to myself
That's no way
To out life
I'm helping others
Overcome their daily issues
I realize now
That society's
Really messed up

I have come
Out of my shell
To break the silence
That's amongst others

Talk to someone
If your thinking negative thoughts
It could help you
Become a stronger person

You are never alone
Be strong
You are worth life
Just think of yourself
As a beautiful butterfly
You are never alone

The author's comments:
Young girls and guys look up to celebrities like Demi Lovato. Because of what she's been through. I've been through some dark times myself. I hope people and Crystal Lights (The pet name I gave my fans) will see the beauty within. The need to trust people who can help them and talk to them.

Stay Strong!

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