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The Song of America Rebuilding

September 19, 2012
By Tenconomist7 BRONZE, Ridge, New York
Tenconomist7 BRONZE, Ridge, New York
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Listen as America builds, becoming strong, becoming powerful, becoming new, becoming bold.

Hear America rebuild, raising hope, raising the cries of workers uniting, becoming strong again. Built by our fathers, and their fathers before them,

America continues on.

Hear the steel mill pound, the mining quarry shuffle, the songs of the field, the songs of the railroad builders, the ovens breathing their creative fire, the architects chiseling the sky.

Several score centuries have passed, and yet we are strong.
Many multitudes may have come to our shores. Many have built this great land before. Centuries come, and centuries go, citizens come, and citizens leave.
Each generation brings culture, vigor, presence, and hope to this land.

Listen as the heartland grows, develops into what we once knew, what we saw as complete. Sometimes, the ground seems fallow,
the coffers dry, and the land appears to be barren.

But we have been this way before, we may even be this way in the future, but we shall
persevere The song of hope, the song of chance, the song of pride runs through the
hearts of all Americans.

Listen to the ticker tape clicking, the broker hearing the sound of promise.
Hear the common man marching, standing up for himself, wanting to rebuild America. Heed the scientist’s experiments, improving life, improving society, making change.
Hear the workers song, the song of renewal, of revival,
of America.

The author's comments:
I wrote this poem while thinking about the country and the economy. Though times may seem tough, it will get better. America was built with a strong foundation, and it will rebuild and persevere.

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