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So Take Me Home, Now

September 23, 2012
By Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
Old-World-Blues DIAMOND, New Freedom, Pennsylvania
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I can feel my bones shaking in their rocky form
Earthquakes rip them apart and tremble in me
But aside from the the lack of my land reform
I have managed to emphasize where I want to be

And you shake, you tremble
These quakes rip you apart
You hold my head against your chest
So I can hear you have a heart

I feel the kicking inside my stomach as it grows
And it'll burst through and destroy me in time
I know it's my fault I can't even sew its clothes
But I know it will feel its best through crime

And it kicks you, bursts through
Destroying you from crime
You know it can never defend you
And it will surely kill you in time

Before that happens you'll grab that same bottle of wine
And you'll tell me that you feel fine.
And you'll be better in time.

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