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Last Year

October 1, 2012
By The_Pensive_Scribe PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
The_Pensive_Scribe PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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Pain is life, and life can be beautiful with all its scars and flaws.

Last Year
I was the new kid
At school
Lonely and shy
I always stood aside
Too afraid to say ,"Hello"
As everyone passed me by
Last year
I was the new kid
At a new church.
I remember staring up
At the humongous building,
Thinking if I would meet anyone
In such a large place.
I quickly found friends and finally
Accepted God
Last year
I met new people soon to become
Best friends
I met bad people and shot out my
Last year
I met a boy that stole my heart
He wasn't mine
I would've been his if he'd only ask
And, oh how my heart ached
To be his.
I painfully watched
As the days rolled past me
And the boy never asking.
Last year
Was last year so now
I should move on
With my life,
Reaching out for what's ahead
and leave what's left behind behind.

The author's comments:
This was in 7th grade so it talks about me going to a new school in 6th grade.

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