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In My Heart

October 1, 2012
By nellie321 GOLD, Audubon, Iowa
nellie321 GOLD, Audubon, Iowa
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I love you so much
I cant let it show
I love you so much
But you can never know

I cry at night
Thinking of your face
Your voice, your touch
Your warm embrace
I miss you
I want you
But i wont let it show
Because i made a mistake
And only i know
How my heart aches when i see
You standing there, not beside me

I want you to find someone else so i'll see
You really are completely over me
But that someone else better be great
To deserve the man i am trying to hate
But hate turns to love
And love turns to ache
Because all of these feelings
I cant just shake

This love i have held
Is still in my heart
Really wishing
that we werent apart
But this is the way
That it has to be
Cause you really really
Arent right for me

You have no ambition
To get what you want
You are mean to people
You constantly taunt
But somehow this
Doesnt make me love less
It just deepens the ache
In my heart, in my chest

My heart is still beating
For you right now
Its beating and beating
But honestly i dont know how
It is broken in half
To love, or love not?
I wish i had a choice
But my heart youve still got

I love you so much
But this i cant show
I love you so much
But you can never know

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