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Still There

October 11, 2012
By Yaya21 GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
Yaya21 GOLD, Columbus, Ohio
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love and death what it is dont stop in fear, love yall ba, leave please, danger is reality, dont controll the feelin then y keep having it. hurt and pain is all part of life. life is too short to waste. believe what u believe in. love is a passion

pertaining that every thing is alright
The fact that i cry at night shock me
I look across the room looking right at you
We use to have something special
But its seem like everything is just disappearing
I cant control these feeling I'm having
Girl be getting your attention
But for me it more like a jealousy section
Even though you told me you are done
I'm still holding on
I really hate these feeling
But when you love someone as much i do
then doing everything you can to get that person is what you have to do
When my heart finally give up I will go
But right now my heart still fighting for your love.........continued.

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