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my God.

October 18, 2012
By lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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with red ribbon around your finger
you are a man missing half a body.
but a man so perfect
with his other half next to him
with the other half of ribbon.

but who could have created a man
so perfect
but a higher power.
and you have inspired me
to talk to God.

sit next to me on wooden benches
and listen to sweet sermons.
hold my hand as we sit
but tighter in prayer.
because i feel closer to God
than I ever have before.
and though I know not of heaven
i know your faith is true.

and every night I lay still
and pray so gratefully
because God has not cut our red ribbon
and has given me one like you
to forever hold on to

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