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October 18, 2012
By lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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For whom do you sacrifice
my child
slave over sweat
is this for yourself
you are excited by attraction
and attractiveness
find time for little but
introverted social butterfly
tell me
sweet daughter
what have you done for me
each night you ask
protection from fear
then thank for the generic
do you think about it often
how little you fee you need me
how often do you visit
a dying man

then you insist upon apologetic mannerisms
send your tears
worship rosaries on your death bed
to you I am but a figurine
to match your decor
do something noble perhaps
with your false sense
of kindness to all
you know of truth
and are belittled when its said
i know I am in your head
when his is three times more strong
your commitment is noble
this you have not lied
but you sinner
come home

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