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October 19, 2012
By lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
lizpaula DIAMOND, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I shook as I entered your doors
diabetic knees
i walked with caution
make myself unseen
with the utmost desire for visibility
hang off the ledge
bat my lashes

my love for her is unconditional
disappointment and triumph
i am a worm
let me burrow into your chest
and into the heart of the working nest
miss me and accept me
recognize me
be glad to see me

adrenaline, like caffeine
i giggle and beam with river-eyes
expecting intense reaction
you continued your solemn demeanor
but through satellites you kiss my cheek

after alone ventures

windy waits for velvet seats
emptiness absorbed excitement from minutes before

i thought I missed the market
but surely ive mistaken

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