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October 27, 2012
By The_Pensive_Scribe PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
The_Pensive_Scribe PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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Pain is life, and life can be beautiful with all its scars and flaws.

Standing alone
In the freshly cut lawn
,sipping the lemonade
From my aged teacup.
Looking at empty chairs
And empty tales, wondering
Why you left
Why you died.
Sitting on cool grass
Watered by my tears,
Screaming out your name
What if?
What if?
Walking through my
Memories of you and me
And their car and you car.
Fire seared to the back of
My mind, hot and flaming as it
Reaches towards me.
Your ghost smile and
Dead laughter echo in my sleep.
Tear-stained face and choked voice
As you slip away.
I grasp.
I stretch.
I never make it…
Open eyes and blank stares
As the blood pools around you
Broken smile and furrowed brow
Could not believe it was true.
Call me selfish
But why are you not here?
Call me cold
But why are you dead?

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