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Sixteen (16)

November 4, 2012
By WideEyedAndHopeful SILVER, Calabasas, California
WideEyedAndHopeful SILVER, Calabasas, California
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Would start/
Memories will form/
Parents will have heart/
Friends will come and play/
School would maintenance the young brain/
Experience in life and such is gained/
Flowing oh so steadily along the lovely river/
Birthday parties, cake, swimming, root beer, such lively company/
Cleansing begins, childhood perishing, instigator of depression now in life/
Entering hell. Hold on. For my existence, the foreshadowing, oh God/
Fresh starts, useless. A blue as a darkened blue sea, enveloping me/
Anger. Fire. Why is there a feeling of suppression? Figures of guidance, why?/
Confused, falling, flailing. But I see her. But I am shy. My temporary savior/
Control ensues. I can do this. Demons cannot win. I won’t perish, I promise, I.../
Too much to say. It is sad as organization, it fails so. Run, child. Run. Please.

The author's comments:
quantitative (adj): Relating to, measuring, or measured by the quantity of something.

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