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Through my eyes

November 13, 2012
By Shnitzal-Face SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
Shnitzal-Face SILVER, Pflugerville, Texas
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When I was only two years old
My mother went away
She said she’d always love me
But she knew she couldn’t stay
Days flipped fast to weeks
And weeks morphed into years
And I didn’t see my mom
And she didn’t see my tears

She never read me stories
Or kiss me good night
She didn’t show up for birthdays
Although sometimes I’d hope she might
She missed my first day of high-school
And she missed my Shakespeare plays
She never knew how smart I grew
She never saw my A’s

I wish that I could call her
But she’s grown so far apart
I want to tell her how I feel
How much she’s hurt my heart
I wanted to mend what broke
What snapped down deep in me
But she’s disappeared from my life
And that’s just how it’ll be

The author's comments:
I used to go back and forth between my mom and dad, but that stopped when I was 12, this is just a poem on how I feel right now

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