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Death of Beauty

November 27, 2012
By The_Pensive_Scribe PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
The_Pensive_Scribe PLATINUM, Fort Worth, Texas
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Pain is life, and life can be beautiful with all its scars and flaws.

Death of beauty is when love bows down to hate,
Then we must all be prepared to make haste.
Bring to life the shadows underneath it all,
Reveal your heart, show them you care, walk the hall.
Where memories portrayed as pictures cause pain.
Some can’t do it, the agony and nostalgia makes them insane.
Fall in love, but caution is necessary in this cruel race.
You must keep running, blind to what you chase.
Cause for celebration is when perfection is reached.
Only then can a perfect reality be breached.
A glowing girl, she’s the key to all,
Understand why she’s beautiful and you won’t fall.
Her soul is the key to the heart of black,
Fake it, all is lost, gorgeous inside, makes beauty not lacked.
Picture of heaven, wings hidden in the smile,
All she loves is everything, holds burdens of liars.
Pushed further down by secrets, now just a memory,
But, my best friend, will always be a part of me.
Although she left us here all alone with no one else,
We die and are born alone, that’s the beauty in beauty itself.
The beauty of death is not in past,
She was ambushed, she was hurt, she couldn’t last.
Pain causes beauty to whither away,
She ran away and was taken before the next day.
She fell in love; beauty fell in love,
She fell in love with flaws
and for that now perfection's above

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