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Dark Possession

December 8, 2012
By iam4evermyself PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
iam4evermyself PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Favorite Quote:
"Hope. It is the only thing greater than fear. A little hope is effective. A lot of hope is dangerous. A spark is okay, as long as it's contained."

To others, I may seem weird, and a nobody.
Hmp... They thought wrong.
My victims has learned the errors of there ways,
and soon, the others will to

My powers are beyond anything.
You could never imagine what I can do.
In an blink of an eye, I could break
I can destroy everything and anyone
that is in my path.

As my victims scream for mercy,
I laugh in joy.
There humanity has been taken away
for my better life.
I command the as my lifeless guards.

If one tries to escape,
If one be a fool to do that,
anyway, The Raven would be unleashed,
burning their bodies in the fire
until all that's left, is the blood and bones of the
foolish soul.

I am your worst nightmares.
Deceive my looks and powers
that would be your biggest mistake.
Beware the girl...

The author's comments:
I look around and see judging. However, this is important for me to understand.

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