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Twinkle... Twinkle...

December 1, 2012
By anaisp15 GOLD, Batavia, Illinois
anaisp15 GOLD, Batavia, Illinois
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And in the music we find ourself

Twinkle twinkle all of you. Please don't cut it's not for you

Twinkle twinkle little girl. Your not fat it's their mistake. 

Twinkle Twinkle sickly thin. Is this what beautiful looks to him? 

Twinkle Twinkle little boy. If you love then do not lie. 

Twinkle twinkle me inside. Why do I see what I can't hide?

Twinkle twinkle what I wish. Why  must things be as deathly  as this? 

Twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle twinkle

Twinkle Twinkle younger me. Why can't things be simple as before? 

Twinkle Twinkle dark out there. Where are the stars they should be there?

Twinkle Twinkle slitted wrists. Hide yourself its not worth the risk. 

Twinkle Twinkle bloody hips. How can I shush the talking lips?

Twinkle Twinkle hell below. Swallow me up I need to go. 

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