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January 20, 2013
By MissionaryKid BRONZE, Mitchell, Other
MissionaryKid BRONZE, Mitchell, Other
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Revitalizing scents wafting through open windows
Nature’s perfume swept to and fro by a gentle breeze
The beauty, the fresh life may set the world aglow

Deep reds, pale pinks, and pearly whites do appease
A longing for purity and beauty found only in dreams
Raindrops cling to silky petals in morning dew glories

Their silent song of delicious Siren enchantment
Sung to enthrall, call, shamelessly beckoning all
Bees, birds, humans heed to a melody absent

Never meant to follow, to lead or wander and roam
Roots woven delicately into the earthy warm soil
In fresh beds of dark earth they are forever at home

The dizzy fall of petals soon trampled and forgot
For a dreamy fantasy they are plucked and tossed
Softly whispered words of love me or love me not

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on Jan. 26 2013 at 7:40 pm
TickTockBANG SILVER, Botkins, Ohio
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"I believe that what doesn't kill you simply makes you... stranger." --Joker

Beautifully written; I especially like the Siren comparison and the sad shift at the end.