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The Girl Who Dared to Dream

January 21, 2013
By dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
dreamer17 GOLD, Tolland, Connecticut
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There once was a girl.
The day after she was born, she decided to dream.
Everyone shook their heads, urging her not to, to stay on the ground.
But the girl was persistent, and left without saying goodbye.

She began her journey, though she was far too young.
The girl was too weak, they said, she’d never survive.
She climbed the Milky Way, and slipped back down to where she had begun.
She climbed the Milky Way, and slipped back down to where she had begun.
The dreamer climbed the Milky Way twenty seven times, and on the twenty seventh try,
This girl pulled herself to the top.

Exhausted though she was, she embarked on the travel through the galaxy.
The meteors aimed for her, and although she was fast, they pegged her several times.
The girl struggled to get up, but she was tired.
She trudged, limbs bruised, to the other side of the galaxy.

The atmosphere closed in on her, mocking her, challenging her to breathe.
Her heart, though dispirited, beat again and again.
The earthlings laughed at the dreamer, they sold tickets, too.
“Come see the girl who dared to dream.”

The girl never stopped, and she reached the dream.
The stars surrounded her, bright as could be.
She looked around, ready to claim her star.
But the stars weren’t meant for her.

The girl’s heart fell, and she proclaimed the truth.
“This wasn’t my dream at all.”

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