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Chanson Vie

February 3, 2013
By WideEyedAndHopeful SILVER, Calabasas, California
WideEyedAndHopeful SILVER, Calabasas, California
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I drive down the nostalgic path
And to respect nature, I get out of my truck and begin to walk
The pleasantly pretty perfect air and scenery
I stand on the edge of where the path drops off
The volume knob of a hectic student life is turned to a minimum level
And the lust for life in my heart begins to revel
Nostalgia of childhood is the fuel
Feeling the warmth in my heart, in contrast to the external air that is cool

I sit on my bed with thunderclouds over my head
I stare at the wall; I feel my inner stableness turn into a fall
But then, my best friend walks in the room
Jumps on the bed with such gaiety, that all the thunderclouds above my head dissipate
Panting with glee
I cannot ignore the happiness of my dog, Knight

In a solemn tone; in a darkened drone
I sit pensive as ever in a darkened chair in the corner of my home
Turn on the music, I begin to lose it
That solemn and darkened drone
And I drift on that raft of sound
Down a river of solitude; sadness? It can’t be found

I walk around the lake with my dearest friend Cate
And we talk and we walk
Such simple friend ship, walking around the lake with my friend Cate
Mutual attentiveness; a thing that one should not take for granted

And when sometimes I sit alone all sad
I say hey, sometimes life isn’t that bad
You can mope all day and swim in tears
Or you can think of your friends, the joy of your peers
And as I sit here writing this, I think of all my fun
Though the events mean a lot, they aren’t the sum
The sum is the joy brought from life
The simplicity, the little things, that make it bright

The author's comments:
something I did for english, a take on Walt Whitman's work

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