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January 31, 2013
By Kairi_McEwin GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Kairi_McEwin GOLD, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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“Truth is always stranger than fiction. We craft fiction to match our sense of how things ought to be, but truth cannot be crafted. Truth is, and truth has a way of astonishing us to our knees. Reminding us, that the universe does not exist to fulfill our expectations. Because we are imperfect beings who are self-blinded to the truth of the world’s stunning complexity, we shave reality to paper thin theories and ideologies that we can easily grasp – and we call them truths. But the truth of a sea in all it’s immensity cannot be embodied in one tidewashed pebble.”

March, march,
on the field of bones,
your fallen are under
your muddy boots
Death's smoke fills
the bloodless sky,
Rivers run red
with your fight,
chains dangling tags
choke your breath,
ash drifts from the
burning hate and
false illusion
The throne of bodies
on which is perched
rich poloticians and
citizens fighting love
and another circle of war.
It is all just Death
with differing goals
it is all lead bullets
in another human's skull,
humans fighting humans
with the same
that which now
runs in a muddy river.

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