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February 25, 2013
By Lilacs_Smell_Wonnerful PLATINUM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lilacs_Smell_Wonnerful PLATINUM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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I wish that in sleep
I could escape the inner workings
Of my troubled mind
Lose myself in fantasies
Of love and friendship
Or that I could just dully move
Into slumber
A black abyss greeting me
Entering a darkened void
Until morning
Alarm clock blaring a
Discordant melody in my ear
But instead, my dreams are ebonized
Torrential descents into my subconscious
The thoughts that fill my day are expanded
And unable to stop my brain
I am lost in a sea of misery
To float or drown as I see fit
Till daylight comes
And I gasp awake, glad for a moment
To escape the nightmares that do not leave
But then I remember that my days are simply my nights
Only now I have to grit my teeth, and force my thoughts
Away from the release I crave
Always pretending
Hoping that one day
Through some magical act of mercy and grace
That what I live pretending
Will somehow become my reality
Till then
I am simply stuck in a never ending circle
Unable to escape my mind
Either awake or in slumber
So I sit back and force out a chuckle
What a world, what a world.

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