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February 25, 2013
By Lilacs_Smell_Wonnerful PLATINUM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Lilacs_Smell_Wonnerful PLATINUM, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
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How is it possible
To think so many thoughts
Fill your mind to the brim, and then let it run over
Flow down your spine
Fill out your entire being
And then you
Find that you cannot filter these ideas out
They go round and round in your brain
Twirling in and out of every image
Every scent, sight and sound
Waltzing through your daydreams
Pouncing on your feeble attempts at creativity
But then when you stop and think about it
Just pause completely for one moment
You realize it is just white noise
Buzzing static, no music to be heard
On this, your body's radio station
And you have been thinking
Focusing, living
For hours and hours
On nothing
Nothing at all.

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