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Forever alone

February 27, 2013
By Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
Camille1234 PLATINUM, Corbett, Oregon
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Darkness engulfs me, for I am alone. Alone left to wonder this vast world.
No one looks at me, no one hears me. I am silence I am invisible.
The wind carries my voice across waves of people, but never to be heard.
My echo doesn't echo back.
My shadow doesn't follow me.
I have no scent even that has left me.
I walk through people, to only never to be seen.
I hear only to never be heard.
I speak only to never be spoken too.
I see only never to be seen.
I smell only never to be smelt.

The grass under my feet withers away and shrinks back with every step I take.
Animals run and hide when I come near.
Plants go back to the ground to hide from the sight of me.
Stars fall when I come out.
Sunshine has left me.
Air travels everywhere but around me.
The ocean pulls back when I walk up to it.
The moon retreats back into night sky at just the small sight of me.

I am alone in this busy world.
With no one to talk to.
No one to care for.
No one to love.
I am alone.
Left alone to wonder.
To wonder until I find someone.
Someone who will listen to me.
Someone who will talk to me.
Someone who will smell me.
Someone who will look at me.
I am alone.
Wondering alone.
Until I find that someone.
How long will it take, I don't know.
I will just wonder this earth forever till I find that someone.
For I am darkness.
Darkness is me.
Darkness and I are one and the same.
Forever alone.

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