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The "NBA stars"

March 13, 2013
By alohagirl7 GOLD, Klawock, Alaska
alohagirl7 GOLD, Klawock, Alaska
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Favorite Quote:
"no guy is worth your tears but the one who is wont make u cry"
"your just a guy, nothing more and nothing less"

You’re not cool unless you’re a basketball star.
But honestly, is it going to get you far?

From the cocky boys and the stuck up girls,
They’re only going to worsen our world.

What, you going into the NBA?
I’m going to go to college someday.

I’d rather have a realistic job,
Than to dwell on ball, and end up living in a box.

Oh yeah pick on the nerd with mean things you say,
They’ll be laughing when you’re working for them someday.

You’re cool now, but you’re also mean.
Nobody matters unless they’re on the varsity team.

You’re not cool unless you’re a basketball star.
But trust me, be nice because it’s not going to get you far.

The author's comments:
You should not be treated differently because you don't play a certain sport. Basketball is not everything, unless you are going into the NBA, which i honestly doubt any of these kids in my school are. Even if you are really good, you have to have a good attitude too.

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