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Real or Pretend?

March 13, 2013
By Pure_Serendipity GOLD, Maywood, Missouri
Pure_Serendipity GOLD, Maywood, Missouri
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"The way a clown does their makeup may not be what they want to look like, it just might be what they feel. Don’t judge people by their outside. Look through the mask and seek whats inside."
-Lauren Treutel

Pretend, a word that everyone can do. A word that everyone has done. From playing pretend at recess in elementary: I'm the mom, your the dad. All the way to playing pretend at middle school: I'm happy. Even playing pretend with yourself: Everything is fine, everything will turn out okay. What exactly is pretend? An act of violence, reassurance, or just belief of the unreal?

Don't let the people you care about play the wrong kind of pretend. That pretend may turn into an absent.

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