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dust to dust

March 13, 2013
By SHER_locked PLATINUM, Alta Loma, California
SHER_locked PLATINUM, Alta Loma, California
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the Eiffel Tower
glittered on the paris skyline
a wonder, swarming with
curious tourists of faraway lands
staring in awe at Its glory

glorious triumphant monumental

now there’s only me
curious alone in this dark world
basking in the Tower’s former glory
as the old metal creaks with weariness

the Tower stands in front of me, crumbling
strangled by poisonous green vines
amid the carnivorous trees
that devoured the city
It barely survived their feast

defeated alone poignant

Its final hour is here
the moment I’ve dreaded
the supports splinter, cracking
the metal bends shrieking
the peak falls, thundering
after one last sigh
the Monument is dead

heartbroken lost mournful

It was an icon
a symbol of our culture
a staple of our lives
so solid, so strong
but in the end so weak

temporary insignificant gone

this day reminds me
everything is forgotten
everything comes to an end

to darkness

to oblivion

The author's comments:
I wrote this about a picture I saw in a magazine. It was of the Eiffel Tower in a dark post-apocalyptic world, breaking in half. It really spoke to me, so I wrote this.

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