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can you

March 13, 2013
the-tears-im-crying-dont-deserve-you PLATINUM, Batesville, Indiana
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love comes and goes,
just like the watter flows

You bump into me in the hall way and brush me off,
Can you not see me?
You ignore me and not answer mw,
Can you not hear me?
I have tear streaks on my face and scares on my arms,
Can you not see my pain?
I scream and yell,
Can you not hear my blood curdling screams?
Thoughts of suicide race through my head and I wish to be dead,
Can you not see how I feel?
I can no longer hold the whole world on my shoulders,
Can you share my burden?
I don’t wish to get up for the pain is too much,
Can you go to school for me?
I feel so alone and I’m scared,
Can you hold my hand?
I’m home alone and I’ve got the gun to my head,
Can you call the police?
I’m too scared to tell someone about my rape,
Can you tell them with me, or better yet can you tell them for me?
I’m pregnant and I’m too young to be a mother,
Can you be the mother for me?
I’m being beaten and abused,
Can you tell someone?
I’m failing school,
Can you stay after and tutor me?
My legs are dangling over the bridge and I’m about to jump,
Can you pull me back?
People think that I’m too young or too dumb to think or speak for myself,
Can you be a friend enough to not think or speak for me?

The author's comments:
it seems that we are always counting on someone else to do something for us that we think we can't well its time to stop counting on otheres because the only two people you can count on for our entire lives is ourselves and God

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