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Sinister/ It is not me

April 3, 2013
By DarkAngel101 GOLD, Birmingham, Alabama
DarkAngel101 GOLD, Birmingham, Alabama
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Should I kill her?
Should I cut her?
Should I make her life hell?
These thoughts run through my head faster and faster
It is almost like my world is a disaster
Why I am trying to kill myself?
Why am I cutting myself?
It is not me it is her
The one inside of me
The one who kills me softly with my own touch
She caused them to put me on anti-depression pills
She caused them to put me on pills to make me sleep
I am not crazy can't you see
It is not me
It is not me
It is her
The one who is destroying my life
The one who makes me sacrifice
The one who is running from me
The one who is the demon in me
It is not me
It is not me
But the sinister thoughts still run through my head
It is not me
It is not me
But these sinister thoughts are what I dread
So now I am strapped in this place crying for help till this day
Making them cry with so much pain
Because no one can see those blood stains
Inside my head she laughs at me
Because now I am free and she can destroy.

The author's comments:
I feel this way sometimes.

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