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Trapped feelings

April 4, 2013
By LindseyGirl235 PLATINUM, Hamer/dillon, South Carolina
LindseyGirl235 PLATINUM, Hamer/dillon, South Carolina
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Life can sometiems be unfair
boundaries and rules limit your freedom
you feel there is no way out
no way to be released
so you start thinking ridiculous thoughts
thougths liek running away doing drugs

You are forced to obey
they say it's for your own good
that you don't understand
and they never believe you when you say you do
they never do.

You need time..time to relax
and let your emotions flow out of you
btu you can't get the rest you need
you never can
your feelings will always be bottled up inside you
and perhaps bottling soem feelings and keeping your mouth shut is for the best but repressing other feelings may be a mistake that you will regret

you want me to break free
to fly far from here
to dissapear into your own
world and leave everything and eveyrone
to forget and be care free
to live in a world where you control eveyrthing.

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