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My Hall Way

April 7, 2013
By Forever-Wishing GOLD, N\A, Rhode Island
Forever-Wishing GOLD, N\A, Rhode Island
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I mascaraed,
In a costume,
Not my skin
In a world where people pay to be thin

I walk down halls and feel stares on my back and whispers in my ears
I know what they are all thinking

"Why is she here?"

I pass by gossiping girls,
Telling themselves they're so ugly,
While they are picture perfect

If looking like that is ugly; what does that make me?

It makes me nothing
Someone who is mistake,
Someone who should have never been born
Someone who should dig their own grave; save others the trouble

I continue on to find boys, laughing and slugging one another
They stop when I walk by,
As they always do
Wondering why this girl;
This shadow of a girl;
Didn't stop to join the fun
Didn't stop to flaunt
Didn't stop to have her thigh tweaked and waist touched

This hall is repeated, place after place,
Day after day
Forever more,
With shadows like me

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